Hydraulic components, systems and motors
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Mini Power Packs & Stations



80 liter monoblock control valve with metering curve

80 liter monoblock control valve with automatic kickout

Gerotor-Orbit Motor

35 liter monoblock control valve

MM series hydraulic motor

Sectional Control Valve

70 liter sectional control valve

100 liter sectional control valve

160 liter sectional control valve

Solenoid Operated Control Valve

50 liter solenoid operated control valve

80 liter solenoid operated control valve

100 liter solenoid operated sectional control valve

40 liter electrohydraulic control valve

80 liter electrohydraulic control valve

120 liter electrohydraulic control valve

6/2 solenoid operated valve

70 liter solenoid operated sectional control valve

Log splitter valve

Joystick & Cable Control

Joystick control

Cable control

Hydraulic Hand Pump

Single acting hand pump

Axial piston motor

Double acting hand pump

Spare Parts

Hand pump oil reservoir

Group 20 gear motor

AC Hydraulic Oil Cooler

DC Hydraulic Oil Cooler

HKU/4 steering unit

Hydraulic Check Valve

Inline check valve

Pilot Operated Check Valve

Overcenter Valve

Single overcenter valve

Overcenter Valve for Hydraulic Motor

Overcenter valve for MP-MR

Pressure Relief Valve

Inline pressure relief valve

Crossover relief valve

Cartridge type pressure relief valve

Crossover Relief Valve for Hydraulic Motor

Crossover relief valve for MP-MR

Crossover relief valve for MS-MT

Flow Control Valve

Flow control valve with check

Flow control valve without check

3 way flow control valve

Pressure Sequence Valve

Direct acting pressure sequence valve

High-Low Unloading Valve

Hi-low valve

Plough Overturning Valve

Single acting plough overturning valve

Hydraulic Diverter Valve

3 way hydraulic diverter valve

Hydraulic Ball Valve

2 way hydraulic ball valve

Flow Divider

Steel flow divider

Cast iron flow divider

Hydraulic Rotating Coupling

Straight rotating coupling

90 rotating coupling

Normally open end stroke valve

Pressure reducing valve without check

Flow Control Valve for MP-MR

Directional Control Valve for MP-MR

PTO Pump Over Gear

60000 serie group 20 pump over gear

Mechanical Coupling

30100 serie mechanical coupling

30300 serie mechanical coupling

WE serie slewing drive

Solenoid Valve

NG6 (CETOP 3) double coil solenoid valve

Modular Valve

NG6 (CETOP 3) modular pilot operated check valve

Power packs for dump trailer

Power packs for car lift

Power packs for dock leveler

Power packs for wheelchair lift

Power packs for manual stacker

AC electric motor

Tractor Pump

Fiat hydraulic pump

Tractor Cylinder

Massey Ferguson hydraulic cylinder

Tractor Steering Unit

Fiat steering unit

Tractor Directional Control Valve

Massey Ferguson directional control valve

Forklift Pump

TCM hydraulic pump

HELI/Hangcha directional control valve

TCM solenoid valve

Linde steering unit

Special Pumps

MAN hydraulic pump

MAN gear motor

Cast Iron Gear Pump

Group 20 cast iron gear pump

Group 30 cast iron gear pump

Group 35 cast iron gear pump

Group 40 cast iron gear pump

Hydraulic Piston Pump

Straight axis 6 piston pump

Straight axis 8 piston pump

Straight axis 9 piston pump

Straight axis 10 piston pump

Bent axis piston pump

Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Gear Pump

Group 00 Hydraulic Gear Pump

Group 10 high-low pump

Monoblock Control Valve

80 liter monoblock control valve

110 liter monoblock control valve

120 liter monoblock control valve

50 liter monoblock control valve with metering curve

40 liter monoblock control valve

MP series hydraulic motor

Piston Motor

Radial piston motor

P40 lever system

Group 30 gear motor

HKU…/3 steering unit

Hose burst valve

Double pilot operated check valve

Double overcenter valve

Overcenter valve for MS

Double acting plough overturning valve

4 way hydraulic diverter valve

3 way hydraulic ball valve

Normally closed end stroke valve

Pressure reducing valve with check

70000 serie group 30 pump over gear

NG6 (CETOP 3) single coil solenoid valve

NG10 (CETOP 5) modular pilot operated check valve

Massey Ferguson hydraulic pump

EBRO hydraulic cylinder

Massey Ferguson steering unit

Deutz directional control valve

Toyota hydraulic pump

Forklift Directional Control Valve

Bobcat hydraulic pump

Special Motors

Group 10 Hydraulic Gear Pump

High-Low Pumps

Group 20 high-low pump

Directional Control Valves

Hydraulic Motors & Brakes

MR series hydraulic motor

Hydraulic Brake

P120 carryover

P40 detent

HKU…/7 steering unit

Shuttle valve

Single pilot operated check valve

6 way hydraulic diverter valve

NG10 (CETOP 5) double coil solenoid valve

NG6 (CETOP 3) modular flow control valve

Landini hydraulic pump

Landini steering unit

Komatsu hydraulic pump

Forklift Solenoid Valve

JCB hydraulic pump

Group 20 Hydraulic Gear Pump

MH series hydraulic motor

Hydraulic Gear Motor

P80 detent

P80 detent

HKU…/5T steering unit

NG10 (CETOP 5) single coil solenoid valve

NG10 (CETOP 5) modular flow control valve

Ford hydraulic pump

Ford steering unit

Mitsubishi hydraulic pump

Forklift Steering Unit

Putzmeister hydraulic pump

Group 30 Hydraulic Gear Pump

MS series hydraulic motor

P120 detent

Steering Units

HKUS…/4 steering unit

NG6 (CETOP 3) modular pressure reducing valve

John Deere hydraulic pump

John Deere steering unit

Hyundai hydraulic pump

MT series hydraulic motor

Hydraulic Oil Coolers

PC70 detent

HKUS…/5T steering unit

NG10 (CETOP 5) modular pressure reducing valve

Deutz hydraulic pump

Case steering unit

HELI hydraulic pump

Group 1 Hydraulic Gear Pump

MV series hydraulic motor

PC100 detent

XY steering unit

Inline Valves

NG6 (CETOP 3) modular pressure relief valve

AC electric motor

Case hydraulic pump

Hangcha hydraulic pump

Group 2 Hydraulic Gear Pump

RL series hydraulic motor

P40 carryover

Pump Over Gears

NG10 (CETOP 5) modular pressure relief valve

Lamborghini hydraulic pump

Still hydraulic pump

Group 3 Hydraulic Gear Pump

MRB series dual shaft hydraulic motor

P80 carryover

Mechanical Couplings

Valmet hydraulic pump

Hyster hydraulic pump

Linde hydraulic pump

Group 30 Cast Iron Hydraulic Gear Pump

McCormick hydraulic pump

HW series hydraulic motor

Solenoid, Modular Valves & Blocks

Claas hydraulic pump

HWF series hydraulic motor

Hand Pump Oil Tank

Hydraulic Mini Power Packs

Steyr hydraulic pump

RW series hydraulic motor

Clayson hydraulic pump

MVM series hydraulic motor

Tractor Parts

Fendt hydraulic pump

TMF series hydraulic motor

End Stroke Valve

Renault hydraulic pump

Forklift Parts

VMF series hydraulic motor

Pressure Reducing Valve

Zetor hydraulic pump

Special Pumps and Motors

B/MR series motor brakes

Universal hydraulic pump

MTM/B series motor brakes

Kubota hydraulic pump

MTS series hydraulic motor

Laverda hydraulic pump

Mitsubishi hydraulic pump

Volvo hydraulic pump

Iseki hydraulic pump

David Brown hydraulic pump

Sonalika hydraulic pump

Eicher hydraulic pump

IMT hydraulic pump

IMR hydraulic pump

MTZ hydraulic pump

Yanmar hydraulic pump

Foton hydraulic pump

EBRO hydraulic pump

Shibaura hydraulic pump

Chamberlain hydraulic pump

Flow Control Valve for Hydraulic Motor

Directional Control Valve for Hydraulic Motor